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The wine estate, Quinta Dona Mafalda, produces approximately 30,000 liters of wine annually in a total of 7 hectares of vineyard.

A third of the property is made up (and will continue) for "old" vineyards. In 2014 and 2015 a deep investment was made in the replanting of part of the property, with the aim of giving more space for the development of the vineyard.
2016 was a decisive year: they returned to the ancestral traditions of wine production, centralizing the storage of production, rather than making it in another production center they hold, 5 km away. This has enabled efficient monitoring of the vineyards and their maturation, preventing them from being damaged during transport, and fundamentally allowing control of small-scale production.
The restoration of the productive area of ​​the property was started in 2015, with the aim of being finalized in the harvest season. In total, there are 5 fermentation tanks with capacity for 4,000 liters each and with temperature control. They have kept one of the three original wineries: this will allow them to produce special cuvées (and invite their friends to visit and squeeze the grapes in the mills). The production of wine is supported by an area where they deposit approximately 70,000 liters in vats, as well as store in new barrels.
Carlos Valente, the oenologist, has the challenging task of discovering the natural essence of grapes and maintaining the sustainability of Port wine stocks, renewing and reinventing Douro red wine every year. It has also followed the management of the vineyards, the conversion and investment of the area of ​​wine production.
The efforts made in the vineyard allowed the international recognition of the "Quinta Dona Mafalda - Vinhas velha" wine. A fruity and structured wine with elegant tannins that will be produced, depending on the annual harvest, in an exclusive volume of up to 5,000 bottles.

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