Fast and problem less delivery.
Rolf E. 2020-04-04
Good products but VERY long delivery time
I bought some good port wines for my 40th birthday. Luckily I ordered them well in advance - it took around a month before they arrived! You're kind people but when you don't answer the chat or...
Christian B. 2020-04-04
Mr Hannu
Hannu K. 2020-04-04
Late delivery
My order was supposed to arrive within 10 days but instead it took approx. 1 month. As the wine was a birthday present for a friend, this was quite embarrassing.
Katalin S. 2019-06-13
Good selection at reasonable prices
Portugal has some of the most underrated wines in Europe and Wine House Portugal has access to a very wide range of good quality, reasonably priced wines. Site is not the easiest to navigate. No...
Brian K. 2019-06-04
Good service and customer support
Had some troubles that were promptly solved by support.
Miguel A. 2019-06-03
Mrs Clark
Excellent. Easy to use and do what it says. Delivers good wine at good prices and on time!
Anna c. 2019-06-03
Nice selection - slow handling
I waited approx. 4 weeks before getting the wine ordered.
Jørn S. 2019-06-03
Use someone else !!
Ordered March 13th - Delivered in April - nearly three weeks late !!! This was a present for someone and I was so embarrassed by the lateess of delivery. There is no response from e-mails....
Brian M. 2019-06-03
Easy to find
Good service and quality wines
Carole R. 2019-06-03
I simply loved this place! Fantastic wine selection, very friendly staff and great recommendations (if you can give them a few points on what you like or are looking for, they will present you with...
Andre C. 2019-05-23
Helpful Service!
This shop has a wide selection of Portuguese wines and various suggestions for all tastes. Thank you WineHousePortugal!
Eva M. 2019-05-23