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Dedicated to wine production, Mallo Tojo has two vineyards (100ha), both in the Peninsula de Setúbal region - Quinta de catralvos in Azeitão and Monte da Charca in Pegões.

The vineyards of Quinta de Catralvos are mainly from white varietis. based near serra da arrábida, the hill protects it from the ocean influence providing fresh summer nights, which favors good acidity levels of the grapes.

Monte da Charca, only for red varieties is located near the border with Alentejo region, where the temperature are higher during the summer favoring the sugar and color maturation ideal for red grape variety.

Based on a solid working team and a winery equipped with the latest technology, the wines are made from a blend of varieties, Fernão Pires, Muscat, Arinto, Chardonnay for the whites, and Periquita, Aragonês, Touriga Nacional, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Alicante Bouschet for the reds. All the wines are produced from their own vines being the maturation and the fermentation controlled by a sophisticated and high and high-tec laboratory.

With a stabilized production currently around 1.000 tonnes, the wines result from a very strong believe in quality, which is recognized by the market, wine magazines and awards in national and international Wine Challenges.

Ever since the beginning, Malo Tojo monitor and control the various stages of the production since grape to bottle, with the intention of producing high quality wines throughout the years.

One of the major concerns is the awareness of environmental persevation, and since the beginning we are using techniques and products non-aggressive to the environment.

Their main labels are Malo Platinum, Malo Tojo, Malo Moscatel, where one can find a grat selection of wines - white, red, rosé and muscat de Setúbal. These can be found in traditional channels in portugal and abroad or be directly purchased from the store, Wine & Tasty in the Quinta de Catralvos in Azeitão, which also offers a wide variety of regional products.

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