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The prestige of the wines from de Lamego region, which dates back to the 16th century, was definitively established with the sparkling wines produced by Raposeira, a company founded more than 100 years ago.

Studies carried out at the time by company's owners in the famous Champagne region in France, combined with a series of trials performed in Lamego by the company, were instrumental in creating the personality of some of Portugal's most esteemed sparkling wines.

Lamego, a land of great nobility that holds a significant place in Portuguese history, was, accordingly, the birthplace oh this wine. Even though the raw material comes from the original Champagne grape varieties, this wine has made its mark as a quintessentially Portuguese product

Raposeira has, over the years, achieved a solid market position, thanks to the high quality of the sparkling wines produced. This quality has provided the company's wines with almost constant leadership of the Portuguese market.

Raposeira selects, transports and converts the grapes into wine employing the utmost care, the highest levels of professionalism and meticulous quality control.

Each production stage is closely monitored by wine experts, whose scientific knowledge incorporates a century of accumulated experience.

The second fermentation process is performed in the bottle according to the traditional champagne, or classic method. The wine and the natural fermenting agents undergo a meticulous process of evolution where humidity, light and temperature levels are fundamental.

The remuage, disgorging and fortification procedures, which are always performed by highly experienced technicians, complete the process of creating these sparkling wines, giving them a final touch of class.

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