List of products by brand Casa de Sarmento

It all started in 1980, in the heart of the Bairrada Demarcated Region, with the opening of a restaurant specializing in roast suckling pig.

Throughout its 36 years of dedication, the restaurant called Meta dos Leitões has given rise to a restaurant chain with several spaces in different parts of the country.
The acquisition of two properties in Alentejo and one in the region of Bairrada makes it possible to make Casa de Sarmento self sufficient in the production of wines and sparkling wines, olive oil and agricultural and livestock production.
Nowadays, more than 80% of what is consumed in each of the restaurants goes through its own production guaranteeing quality and safety from the origin to the table - from the piglets raised in the best Alentejo lands to the vegetables produced in the abundant lands of the Bairrada region.
For the production of wines and sparkling wines Casa de Sarmento bet on two fronts, as distinct as complementary. Vineyards in the heart of the Demarcated Region of Bairrada and vineyards in Alentejo, in the sub region of Portalegre.
The gold, silver and bronze medals won by the various wines and sparkling wines of Casa de Sarmento in the last few years have given an additional stimulus to continue to work hard and produce quality products.
Also in the olive oil the bet is recognized since the same ones, produced with Galician olive, have obtained annually certificated quality premiums.

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