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Casa Agrícola Horácio Simões, founded by José Carvalho Simões, is a secular house in the wine sector.

Since 1910 it has been gaining solidity, reliability and a sense of professionalism in its activity, guaranteeing for three generations a place of excellence in the market.
The Adega is located in Quinta do Anjo, in Palmela, a generous wine area of ​​recognized quality. This is where you will find its vineyards, which give rise to two regional (red and white), and three DOC (Moscatel de Setúbal, Moscatel Roxo and Tinto Palmela). The vinification of its wines is carried out in wineries by merely traditional and traditional processes.
"The Arrábida Natural Park (16,521ha) rests on a small limestone massif that falls on the sea in large cliffs - the Píncaro, at the top of the Risco mountain range reaches 400m in altitude - suggest a wall facing the Atlantic cut by small Coves and hiding small gusts of sand. The vegetation cover is characterized by the presence of Mediterranean floristic associations with emphasis on the maquis - understorey of the old forest - and the low garrigue - shrub that represent a relevant botanical group. In the sheltered slopes facing south the maquis acquires arboreal aspect originating the woods - Vidal, Solitary, Covered Wood. Numerous and varied marine flora and fauna hide in the adjacent Marine Reserve. A human occupation filled with prehistoric vestiges, the seductive convent of Arrábida, farming seats and sets of erudite and popular architecture. Cheese from Azeitão, muscatel from Setubal and honey from Arrábida are other flavors to add to the many that the mountains offers. Superb views over the sea and a small cove off a postcard, Portinho, complete a picture of great scenic value. "

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Horácio Simões Segredos Laranja White Wine
Horácio Simões Segredos Laranja White Wine
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Horácio Simões Segredos Laranja 2021 White Wine

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<p>Horácio Simões was founded by José Carvalho Simões in 1910. Horacio  Simões produces DOC, DO and regional wines and Moscatel de Setubal</p>
Horácio Simões Segredos Laranja White Wine