Porto Tonic a Portuguese cocktail with an English touch!

Porto Tonic a Portuguese cocktail with an English touch!


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    Although the origin of this cocktail is unknown, it is possible that the birth of the Tonic Port has to do with the English community, one of the main historical consumers of its wines.

    In fact, the difference between Port wine and the rest of the wines is the brandy added to stop the fermentation. The custom of adding brandy to wine came in the seventeenth century when English merchants became increasingly interested in buying Portuguese wine.

    The wine could not withstand such long journeys and so they reinforced it with spirits so as not to spoil during the crossings.

    In search of a drink similar to the Gin Tonic, but with less alcoholic graduation, the creation of the Tonic Port has emerged, which in recent times has become a very trendy appetizer.

This refreshing cocktail is to be consumed before the meal, and its preparation is very simple.


Dry white Port wine 1/3 dose
Tonic Water 1/3 dose
Ice q.s.

In a tall glass, (or for a more elegant presentation, you can use a glass of wine), put ice q.b., pour dry or dry white port, tonic water and then stir a little so that the flavors mix. Then add a lemon slice. To aromatize, you can add a few leaves of mint or basil.

The sweetness and the alcohol of Port wine perfectly balance with the acidity and bitterness of tonic water!

Enjoy yourself!

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