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The Enoport Group has joined some of the oldest and most emblematic Portuguese wine companies with national and international recognition, such as Caves Velhas, Caves Dom Teodósio, Adegas Camillo Alves, Caves Acácio, Caves Monteiros and Caves Moura Basto. Combining past experience with new management and technology capabilities, new companies have been created based on three core areas - Agro-tourism / Production / Distribution - each with objectives of excellence and commitment to the current demands of global markets.

The Enoport United Wines Group is guided by the highest quality standards. Its production unit, Enoport - Beverage Production, is certified, undergoing a rigorous quality control that goes from the care of the grape to the transport of the final product, ensuring that it reaches the market in perfect conditions. Enoport - Beverage Production, is governed by the HACCP method and is certified by the NP EN ISO 9001: 2001 standard and the BRC GLOBAL STANDARD (Bristish Retail Consortium) at its maximum level.

The history of the Enoport United Wines Group is inseparable from the history of its brands, a history marked by a great past. When we speak of Serradayres we speak of a brand that has existed since 1896, Lobster since 1902, Romeira since 1912, End of Century since 1914, Amarante since 1916 and Bucellas since 1939.

Over time, and in particular in recent years, the Enoport United Wines Group has been recognized for the exceptional quality of the wines it produces by having collected several medals in national and international competitions. In 2013, the Enoport wines added 140 medals and distinctions and in the last 3 years this number amounted to 390.

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Serradayres Reserva 2012 Red Wine
Serradayres Reserva 2012 Red Wine
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Serradayres Reserva 2012 Red Wine

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<p>“Serradayres” is a century-old brand existing since 1896</p> <p></p> <p></p>
Serradayres Reserva 2012 Red Wine