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  • Quinta de baixo
    Quinta de Baixo is located in the municipality of Cantanhede, in the vinicola region of Bairrada. The clay-calcareous soil is the terroir p...

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  • Vadio
    Vinho Vadio is a family project founded by winemaker Luís Patrão in 2005 in the demarcated region of Dão. The three small plots that mak...

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  • Opta
    Opta wines are the result of the partnership between Camilo Leite and oenologist Nuno Cancela de Abreu. This project was born in 2013 and i...

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  • Vinha Formal by Luís Pato
    Luís Pato is without a doubt one of the most referenced producers when we talk about the wines produced in the Beira Atlântica region (Bai...

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  • Rarissimo
    Osvaldo Amado, a renowned Portuguese winemaker and responsible for the success of several wines produced in the different regions of Portuga...

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  • Bairrada Wines by Carvalheira Winecreators
    Carvalheira Winecreators, owned by José and Maria Carvalheira, is an ambitious project with the central objective of creating unique, world...

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  • The best of Bairrada: Outrora, Aliás and Doravante wines
    The V Puro wine project arises from the partnership of two oenologist friends - Nuno Mira do Ó and João Soares - with the aim of producing...

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  • kompassus
    Kompassus, owned by João Póvoa, is a company dedicated to the production of wines of excellence supported by organic production methods an...

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  • Buçaco Wines: Heritage of Portugal
    "To drink a Buçaco is to travel in time, is to drink a glorious wine, created by Alexandre Almeida, a visionary. This is an opportunity tha...

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  • Quinta das Bágeiras Tribute wines
    Quinta das Bágeiras is one of the most well-known and appreciated wine brands in the Bairrada region.Its producer, Mário Sérgio has alw...

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