Grape NamePhotoRegionCat.Common NamesDescription
BagaPortuguese Wine Grape Variety BagaPortugal map with location of regional grape variety BagaBairradaIIBaga de Louro, Baguinha, Bairrada, Bairrado Tinta, Baya, Carrasquenho, Carrega Burros, Goncalveira, Morete, Moreto, Paga Dividas, Poeirinha, Poeirinho, Povolide, Preiinho, Pretinho, Preto Rifete, Rifete, Rosete, Tinta Bairrada, Tinta Bairradina, Tinta da Bairrada, Tinta de Baga, Tinta Fina.

The Baga grape is the Portuguese most widely planted grape varieties, and produces an intensely tannic red that can be either a wonder after several years of bottle age, or a wine that will never calm down no matter how long you wait.

Aromas and flavors of both red and black currants are common. The best examples are called "Garrafeira" or "special reserve."

Although grown throughout Portugal the Baga grows best in the heavy clay of the Bairrada DOC in the northern part of the country and produces tannic wines with high acidity.

Barrete de PadrePortuguese Wine Grape Variety Barrete-de-PadrePortugal map with location of regional grape variety Barrete-de-PadreMadeira   
BastardoPortuguese Wine Grape Variety BastardoPortugal map with location of regional grape variety BastardoDouro, Trás-os-Montes, Dão, Beira InteriorIIIBastardinha, Bastardinho, Bastardo Do Castello, Bastardo Dos Frados, Bolonio, Capbreton Rouge, Chauche Noir, Cruchenton Rouge, Donzelino De Castille, Gris De Salces, Gros Cabernet, Merenzao, María Ardoña, Maturana Tinta, Verdejo Negro, Pardinho, Pinot Gris De Rio Negro, Semillon Rouge, Tresseau, Triffault, Trousse, Trousseau, Trousseau Gris, Trousseau Noir, Troussot, Trusiaux, Trusseau, Trussiau.

Bastardo is an old variety of red wine grape. It is grown in small amounts in many parts of Western Europe but most famously it is used in Portuguese port wine.

Bastardo grape is one of the many grapes grown in the Douro valley of northern Portugal, and it makes deep cherry red wines with high alcohol and flavours of red berry fruits.

Used in the production of port wine, but not as much as it used to be. There is anecdotal eveidence both for and against the Bastardo's relation to the Cabernet Gros in Australia and the Trousseau from France, although it is widely accepted to be one of the many varieties grown in California known collectively as Petite Sirah.

More important in the production of port wine and California jug wine than any respected still wine.

BorraçalPortuguese Wine Grape Variety BorracalPortugal map with location of regional grape variety BarrocalVinho VerdeIIIAzedo, Bagalhal, Bogalhal, Borraco, Borrasao, Bougalhal, Bovvaco, Cainho Gordo, Cainho Grande, Cainho Grosso, Caiño Gordo, Caiño Grosso, Esfarrapa, Esfarrapas, Espadeiro Redondo, Morraça, Oeil de crapaud, Olho de Sapo.Also known as Caiño tinto in Spain, Barroçal is a red Galician wine grape variety that is also grown in Portugal's Vinho Verde wine region.