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The first historical references that are known about Quinta da Pellada appear around 1570, there is still a house from the 16th century. XVI built face to an inner courtyard, like a fortified solar.

Álvaro de Castro is a civil engineer and inherited this property in 1980, dedicating himself exclusively to it, restored the family tradition in the production of wine, broken for the generations.
Taking to heart his references of youth and recalling the wines produced by Engineer Vilhena of the study center of Nelas. Its first wine then appears with the vintage of 1989.
From that time until today it has been supported in oenology by Engº. Magalhães Coelho and more recently by his daughter Eng. Maria Castro and also by Engineer Ataíde Semedo.

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Carrocel Red Wine
Carrocel Red Wine

    Carrocel 2018 Red Wine

    Wine House Portugal ,
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    <p>Alvaro Castro is the producer of Carrocel</p>
    Carrocel Red Wine