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Thomas Reynolds, a sailor and English merchant, arrived in Portugal in 1820, attracted by the wine business: it is in Porto that he established himself with his two sons, Thomas and Robert.

For some time they supply, from there, their commercial warehouse in London with several Iberian products. In 1838, they entered the cork industry and set up a cork stopper factory in Alburquerque, Spain, where they lived for 11 years. The activity is profitable, expands and soon open new cork stopper factories in Portugal and Spain.
The family returned to Portugal in 1850 and settled in Estremoz, although for a short time. Thomas and his son of the same name do not settle down and, with the same entrepreneurial spirit, embarks with the family for New Zealand. The crossing would take 130 long days and they would carry with them a huge herd of merino sheep. They never returned to Portugal.
Robert is in Estremoz at the head of the business, which quickly develops with the acquisition of new lands and the production of quality wines, an activity that he exerted with particular commitment and passion. The Alentejo became the definitive birthplace of the Reynolds in Portugal and of Robert, the patriarch of the family. From this cradle proceed the firstborn son of Robert, Robert Rafael and Carlos. Carlos has a first daughter named Gloria, Gloria Reynolds. In his honor, and of all his ancestors who lived in the Alentejo, Julián, son of Gloria, produces a quality wine, that takes the name of its mother - Gloria Reynolds.

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Glória Reynolds 2012 White Wine
Glória Reynolds 2012 White Wine

    Glória Reynolds 2019 White Wine

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    Glória Reynolds 2012 White Wine