Wines of Quinta do Vallado

Wines of Quinta do Vallado


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Quinta do Vallado, built in 1716, is one of the oldest andmore famous "quintas" in the Douro Valley. Acquired in 18181 by António Bernado Ferreira Quinta do Vallado's main activity was the production of port wine, which was sold. After the sold of Casa Ferreira, new challenges arose... Today, Quinta do Vallado has 10 hectares of old vineyards planted between the 1920s and 1950s, including Vinha da Granja, in 1929, and Vinha da Coroa, in 1958. The remaining 55 hectares were planted in the 1990s. 

We present you some red wines of Quinta do Vallado that you cannot miss:

Vinha da Granja - Very concentraded and intense aroma, with balsamic notes from the Oak well paired with figs, black plums and tabacco. Full-bodied, firm and mature with round, velvety tanins. Mineral, with a complex and persistant finish.

Vinha da Coroa - Reveals very fresh wine, with a hint of spices and a lingering after-taste recalling red fruits. Completed by a soothing vegetable taste.

Touriga Nacional - Reveals sweet, round and matured and silky tannins, very balanced, with a long fresh finish.

Tinta Roriz - Reveals very concentrated, with balsamic notes and mature red fruit aromas. Big, bold and juicy, with flavours of red fruit. Round and firm tannins with a powerful and exotic finish.

Adelaide - Reveals very concentrated, with balsamic oak notes, fig, black plum aromas and tobacco. Full bodied, firm, mature and silky tannins. Mineral notes with a very elegant, persistent and complex finish.

Come and discover it. Available in our online store.

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