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Quinta de la Rosa is a small family owned vineyard situated in the Douro Valley that produces high quality ports, Douro wines and olive oils.

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  • 23,03 €

    Quinta de la Rosa 10 Yeras Old Tonel 12 shows a rich and elegant blend with wonderful aromas exuding the heat of the Douro. On the palate it is complex with powerful dried fruit, figs, honey and almonds with a long pleasing finish. It should be consumed within 2 to 3 years of bottling

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  • 29,90 €

    Quinta de la Rosa Colheita 1997 exhibits wonderful, complex exotic aromas of dried fruit, figs, toasted almonds and honey

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  • 52,75 €

    Quinta de la Rosa Vintage 2009 has a beautiful deep dark purple/red colour and complex black cherry aromas with cedary undertones that you would expect with a young vintage port. The brandy is well integrated with the ‘wine’ element so there is no spirit burn. The result is a finely balanced, big rich, ripe port with freshness, equilibrium and elegance...

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  • 59,00 €

    Quinta de la Rosa Vintage 2007 has enormous concentration of colour, great aromatic complexity, blackberry, blackcurrant and with a hint of mint flavours. On the palate, the port is very full bodied, with enveloping mature, ripe tannins and grip so that it will age well

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  • 52,78 €

    Quinta de la Rosa Vintage 2005 has great concentration of aromas which are both profound and slightly mysterious. The 2005 is a port without any weak points – excellent texture, complexity and equilibrium. Tannins of the highest quality give a wonderful length to this impressive port

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  • 63,20 €

    Quinta de la La Rosa Vintage 2004 has a great concentration of colour with wonderful complex aromas of black and red fruits. It is a full bodied, profound port with fresh clean flavours and mature tannins that give it a lively, long finish

    63,20 €
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  • 50,50 €

    Quinta de la Rosa Vintage 2000  is full bodied with great complexity. It is very smooth with attractive, spicy fruit. On the palate it has a good structure that you would expect with a fully declared year

    50,50 €
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  • 162,00 €

    Quinta de la Rosa Vintage  2011 shows perfect balance. The colour, dense and black, is supported by fabulous rich blackcurrant fruit and an incredible complexity and length on the palate with liquorice and spice. There is power and at the same time elegance

    162,00 €
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  • 10,11 €

    Quinta de la Rosa Extra Dry Port Wine is a first class aperitif wine, a beautiful amber/honey colour, it shows excellent fruit on the palate, but at the same time has a long relatively dry finish

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  • 10,00 €

    Quinta de La Rosa Fine Tawny exhibits a nuttiness and a complexity not often found in these types of tawnies. Compared with the Ruby, the Tawny is much paler in colour and lighter in style. As always, La Rosa's house style is slightly drier at the finish than most

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  • 25,20 €

    Quinta de la Rosa Tawny 20 years old has a seductive texture with dry fruits and liqueur flavours.  As is normal with these aged tawnies, the La Rosa twenty year old has incredible length and is an ‘aristocrat’ of ports

    25,20 €
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  • 13,65 €

    Quinta de la Rosa Finest Reserve shows Good, deep colour with good, fresh ripe fruit on the nose. Pure berry-fruit flavors on the palate backed by spicy tannins

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  • 9,60 €

    Quinta de la Rosa Vintage Lote 60 is rich with a vibrant colour, great depth, body and fruit, with a long finish. Like all La Rosa Ports, not too sweet. It should be consumed within 2 to 3 years of bottling

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  • Quinta de la Rosa LBV 2012 has fabulous dark, black cherry and blackcurrant fruit flavours, a great richness on the palate whilst at the same time exhibiting a wonderful balance and freshness

  • 50,65 €

    Quinta de La Rosa Vintage 2015 is extremely pretty and agreeable. Floral aromas together with dark cherry and wild berry fruit on the nose. On the palate the port has a pleasing freshness and attractive balance and elegance.  A good tannin structure without being overbearing, the port exhibits the usual cherry, chocolate and slightly herbal flavours

    50,65 €
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Showing 1 - 15 of 19 items