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About 40 years ago, Hernâni Verdelho started a project to convert and improve its viticultural heritage of old vineyards, followed by the planting of new vineyards, most of which are located in Quinta do Carrenho, which are located in medium slope lands altitude, schist, sheltered and with excellent sun exposure.

All this work has made possible the existence of a vineyard complex with about 15 hectares, with excellent characteristics for the production of wines, implanted in a specific terroir and sui generis, classified as a world heritage site by UNESCO since 2001, where about half are vineyards with more than half a century.
Quinta do Carrenho is located right in the heart of Alto Douro Vinhateiro.
They also have about 2 hectares of old, pre-phylloxera vineyards with grape varieties of the time, some of which are no longer included in the current IVDP grape variety register. They are chaste like the Casculho, the Cornifesto, the Root Ink the Silveirinha, the Donzelinho and the Folgazão.

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Dona Berta Reserva Red WIne
Dona Berta Reserva Red WIne

    Dona Berta Reserva 2018 Red Wine

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    5/ 5
    <p>Dona Berta products are unique and exceptional, already awarded internationally</p>
    Dona Berta Reserva Red WIne