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A group of friends, nature lovers, the owners of Herdade da Bombeira, understood in 1999 to plant 18 hectares of red varieties, in an area with privileged soils, where a very high potential terroir was soon guessed.

In 2000 the plantation is completed, in 2003 the first wines were produced, in 2005 the first rose, between 2009 and 2011 the planting of 3.5 hectares of white grape is completed and in 2012 the first white wine is produced.
In a constant search to know and understand the productive potential of the terroir, it is intended to make the wines evolve. The project has had its success due to the constant interest of the customers for the wines of Herdade da Bombeira, which is located in the Municipality of Mértola, on the right bank of the Guadiana River, 3 kilometers south of this beautiful village of Alentejo, stretching along 2 kilometers from its shore.
Herdade da Bombeira, with its 700 hectares, has a várzea along the river with about 20 hectares where the soils of schistous characteristics mix with the alluviums of the Guadiana River providing the ideal conditions for the implantation of the Vineyard. The climate of this zone not being continental is also not of maritime characteristics. The sea is 50 kilometers to the South and 100 kilometers to the West but the proximity of the Serra do Caldeirão and the Guadiana River make the climate milder than in most of the Alentejo wine lands.
The influence of the Guadiana river is fundamental, causing a microclimate that influences the relative humidity. It avoids the frosts, provides a water of unequaled quality due to the ecological current originating in the Alqueva dam.

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Bombeira do Guadiana Reserva 2014 Red Wine
Bombeira do Guadiana Reserva 2014 Red Wine

    Bombeira do Guadiana Reserva 2017 Red Wine

    Wine House Portugal ,
    5/ 5
    <p>Deep-colored pomegranate. With notes of menthol, cassis and black fruit harmonized with nuances of toast from the barrel where he staged. In the mouth is a structured and elegant wine with soft tannins. The end of the test is very long and persistent</p>
    Bombeira do Guadiana Reserva 2014 Red Wine