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The House of S. Matias, located in the parish of Tourais, county of Seia, receives its name to incorporate, since 1745, a Chapel of singular baroque expression.

House, today in the possession of António Vicente Magalhães da Silveira Montenegro, descendant of many important families that intertwined in it from many places that the genealogies identify.
The house is also very busy, with barns and timeless wineries in the nobility of the cradle that were the Bread, the Wine, and the Olive Oil, which from there fed so many generations.
Labeling and naming in the 21st century, a project of wines impregnated with the character, seriousness and elegance of those scenes and memories of longing, translates the affective sharing that is intended to offer to those who privilege their true flavors, also represents a responsibility family that is fulfilled.

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