Niepoort's Douro Monocast varieties

Niepoort's Douro Monocast varieties

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Niepoort is undoubtedly one of the most recognized Portuguese wine producers. Throughout its history this family business has created wines that are unique, for all tastes, and indispensable on the table of a good wine lover.

Its range of wines is extensive, from Port wines to wines produced in the different wine-growing regions of Portugal, to its experience outside the country.

But we can say that it is in the Douro that we find the greatest variety. The single varietals produced here are one of the examples of successful wines. Bastardo, Pinot Noir, Tinto Cão, Moscatel and Riesling were the varieties chosen to produce these wines.

Niepoort Bastardo is, we can say, still a novelty. First produced in 2017 this wine ages for 20 months in French oak barrels. It has a bright and open red colour and a very fine and delicate aroma. In the mouth, despite being very market-oriented for red fruit, it has good balance, with very light and polished tannins, it becomes vibrant thanks to a very pronounced acidity. With low concentration, this first edition of Niepoort Bastardo, reveals itself very fresh, with a rustic profile, reminiscent of wines made in the past. Long and precise finish. It is recommended to drink fresh (12/14ºC) and accompanies any type of dish.

Niepoort Pinot Noir is produced from a vineyard planted in 1999 at Quinta de Napoles. This grape is harvested, always in the middle of August and the ageing in used French oak barrels lasts 14 months.
This wine presents a red colour, aromas of fresh red fruits, graphite and some exotic spices. In the mouth it is fresh, with notes of vegetable stems. The tannins are seductive and involving. The finish is very long, full of red fruits. Nieport Pinot Noir is an excellent accompaniment to partridge stuffed with foie gras, pheasant and steak with mushrooms.

Tinto Cão is one of the most common grape varieties in the Douro region, being one of the varieties used in the production of Port Wine, due to its tannin structure, easy to work in the vineyard, little sensitive to disease and long cycle. In 2010 Niepoort bottled, for the first time, a Tinto Cão. This wine ages for 18 months in used French oak barrels and is shows a loaded ruby colour, fresh red fruit aroma. In the mouth it is fresh and lively, very intense, with red fruit, tannins present well integrated, notes of spices, long and with a good ageing potential.

Moscatel Docil is produced from the Moscatel Galego variety, a variety with its own identity, characterized by its floral and citric aromas. It is a light, fresh and jovial wine with low alcohol content.Fermentation and ageing takes place in isothermal stainless steel vats. Given its profile, Niepoort Moscatel Galego, is perfect as an aperitif; asiatic-inspired dishes such as tempura and curry; vegetarian dishes; dessert based on tropical fruits and at the end of the meal.

Riesling is one of the best known white grape varieties in the world. This wine is slightly closed but very delicate. The notes of white fruit, lemon, ginger and citrus are in perfect harmony with a clearly mineral profile. In the mouth it enters very fresh and crisp with some sweetness. This sweetness and acidity are the key to balance in this wine, where the whole is very fresh and vibrant but with full harmony and elegance. The finish is long and fresh, which makes it excellent as an aperitif but also fantastic as a rehabilitator after a great dinner.

And finally, Niepoort Moscatel, fresh, vibrant and aromatic, has notes of orange peel typical of the Moscatel variety. With a good body and structure it shows an incredible freshness and lightness due to the acidity.

The production of Moscateis has a long tradition in Portugal, Niepoort started its production in the 20's of the last century, but for bureaucratic reasons it was disappearing until it stopped producing.

In 2000 this tradition was recovered and in 2010 the first Niepoort muscatel was bottled, after its return, a full-bodied wine with good structure and a high acidity, allowing to obtain a light and fresh wine.

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