Nat Cool Drink Me by Niepoort

Nat Cool Drink Me by Niepoort

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Nat Cool, meaning "cool and funky" is a concept created by Niepoort, which associates several producers with the objective of creating light and easy to drink wines.

In the Vinho Verde region, Niepoort has created a wine typical of the region, reminiscent of the "cloudy" wines of the past, bottled very early and therefore with some residual sugar and in the presence of fine lees allowing, in this way, the refermentation in the bottle, which originates the carbonic gas.

The grapes of this wine are produced in the sub-region of Amarante and Lousada; vinification is done in the old fashion, letting the last grams of sugar ferment in bottle, with fine lees and malolactic fermentation also occurs in bottle.

Nat Cool Drink Me White is cloudy in colour, is a white with a lot of personality, fresh and vibrant in citrus and vegetable notes. It is uncomplicated and direct, with high acidity and a slight gas that gives it life and joy in the mouth. The finish is austere, salty and crystalline offering a clean and refreshing finish.

It is in Bairrada that we find Nat Cool Drink Me Red produced from the Baga variety. An incredibly easy and direct wine that you let drink.

This wine comes from several plots of old vineyards; it is vinified in stainless steel where it fermented for 5 weeks; malolactic fermentation takes place in stainless steel and the aging too.

Nat Cool Drink Me Red reveals a fresh and floral profile, very frank and expressive. The character of Baga and Bairrada are well present, with good notes of strawberry, roses and some spices. The mineral aroma reminds us of limestone and a markedly Atlantic climate. Fresh, direct and very seductive, it's a wine that doesn't weigh, that is easily drunk and always invites us for more glass.

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