Muros Antigos by Anselmo Mendes

Muros Antigos by Anselmo Mendes

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The work of Anselmo Mendes is recogni-sed in Portugal and abroad, not only for the excellence of the wines he produces but also for the surprising and consistent manner in which he innovates.

Have you tried the Muros Antigos brand of this producer and oenologist?

Muros Antigos Escolha is a white wine made from a selection of the three best white Varieties in the Region: Alvarinho, Loureiro and Avesso. Alvarinho conveys structure and body, Loureiro aromatic intensity and Avesso acidity and minerality.

This wine shows Floral, fruity aroma. Fresh, fruity flavour. Good structure and well-balanced.

Muros Antigos Loureiro is exclusively made with Loureiro grape variety, grown in the River Lima Valley. Strong climatic influence from the Atlantic. It reveals Intense citrus and floral aromas. Fresh, with dry, fruity finish.

Muros Antigos Avesso shows white fruit aromas. Fresh,strong minerality, with dry, fruity finish.

Avesso is one of the most original Portuguese grapes. it produces wines with an extreme minerality and a big aging capacity.

Muros Antigos Alvarinho is a white wine from the Alvarinho grape variety, grown exclusively in Monção and Melgaço.
It originates in vineyards on sunny hillsides with poor granite soils . It presents Citrus and slightly tropical notes. Full bodied with good structure, fresh and mineral. Long finish with the light bitter citrus taste of the Alvarinho variety.

These wines are available for purchase!!

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