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The Quinta dos Ingleses, by its designation and oral tradition, would have been explored by an English family in the 19th century.

Inserted in an essentially agricultural region, it recalls in the same memory the horses and "chariots" which the English exhibited during their visits or passing through the surrounding villages. From what was known as the fifth of the English.
The farm's lands total approximately 100 hectares, of which about 80 are occupied by pastures and vineyards, being surrounded by the remaining 20 hectares that correspond to the forest area. It is an irregular relief space where 10 000 m2 corresponding to the multiple pavilions and special installations are inserted in selected places.

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Vinha dos Ingleses White Wine Vinha dos Ingleses White Wine

Vinha dos Ingleses 2019 White Wine

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<p>We are inserted in the Green Wine Demarcated zone. We produce White wines, Red wines and Espadeiro.<br />Quinta dos Ingleses also sells wines from the Douro Demarcated Region</p>
Vinha dos Ingleses White Wine