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Located in Sedielos, municipality of Peso da Régua

The grapes used come from two farms: Quinta de Sá de Baixo and Paço da Serviçaria, which respect the region's traditional vineyard.
The winemaking is carried out part in the lagares and part in a small but modern wine cellar where the masses are accompanied by all the necessary care. The red wines are made with tanning, prolonged macerations and stagão part in stainless, part in barrels of French oak. The white wines, fermented at low temperatures with total destemming, are subject to a lower stage, being bottled young, in order to maintain the balance between the acidity and the fruit obtained during the vinification.
The references produced here include the quiet red and white wines, and are sold under the Sá de Baixo, Palestra and Paço da Serviçaria brands, as well as the Late Bottled Vintage Port of Quinta Sá de Baixo.

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Palestra 2012 Red Wine Palestra 2012 Red Wine

    Palestra 2012 Red Wine

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    <p>A wine produced in Quinta Sá de Baixo </p>
    Palestra 2012 Red Wine