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The Brites Aguiar family has always originated and resided in the Douro Demarcated Region and the activity practiced is the continuous connection to the land; agriculture.

In the small village of Várzea de Trevões of the county of S. João da Pesqueira is located the residence and farm house of the family.
The active generation, Lúcia, Paulo and Tomi, have in their rear guard the parents: Maria Fernanda Costa Brites and Manuel António Pacheco Aguiar. The most recent generation, Inês, Mariana, and Mané complete and are the continuity of the offspring of the Brites Aguiar family.

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Bafarela 2017 Rosé Wine Bafarela 2017 Rosé Wine

    Bafarela 2018 Rosé Wine

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    <p>Bafarela wine is produced by Brites de Aguiar family </p>
    Bafarela 2017 Rosé Wine
    Brites Aguiar Red Wine (1500ml) Brites Aguiar Red Wine (1500ml)

      Brites Aguiar 2014 Red Wine (1500ml)

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      <p>This consists of around 190 ha of schistous land on the hillside of the River Torto and River de Galegos. The rough terrain of the Douro Demarcated Region is responsible for generating a variety of microclimates where each crop finds an excellent place to grow, on Brites Aguiar</p>
      Brites Aguiar Red Wine (1500ml)
      Brites Aguiar Red Wine Brites Aguiar Red Wine

        Brites Aguiar 2016 Red Wine

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        <p>The Brites Aguiar family hail from and have always lived in the Douro Demarcated Region. They always have been, and still are, farmers.</p> <p><br /><br /></p>
        Brites Aguiar Red Wine