Vinhos Verde by Niepoort

Vinhos Verde by Niepoort

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Niepoort is an independent family business since 1842. Through five generations, the business passed successfully from one Niepoort to the next Niepoort and in most cases older and younger generation worked side by side for a long period.

From its wide range we choose wines produced in the Vinho Verde region.

OLO - stems from the best vineyards in the sub-region of Basto. It is a white wine inspired by the Olo River, which, with its impressive granite landscapes and waterfalls, is considered to be one of the most beautiful rivers of the Vinho Verde region. The abundance of water and granite in this area contributes to the minerality and freshness of the region’s terroir. The OLO is a serious, complex and beautifully harmonious wine.

Very light in colour, almost crystalline, the OLO offers very complex and exceptionally linear aromas of stone, lemon, white fruit and ginger. This is an extremely graceful wine with abundant minerality, which thanks to its well-structured acidity, finishes with firmness, intensity and energy.

OLO Sparkling Wine - result of a little experiment conducted in 2012 when it was decided to set aside a share of the OLO and not bottle. This quantity was kept in a small tank and bottled it the following January in order to produce a sparkling wine according to the traditional Champagne method. The result was very promising and repeated in the following year. That is how the Espumante OLO 2013 was created.

This wine is elegant and delicate, showing its youth, fine mousse and beautiful balance. The wine’s acidity ensures a long and refreshing finish. This wine makes for an ideal aperitif, but also offers enough body to pair very nicely with shellfish.

Teppo Peixe - was created to combine with Japanese cuisine, where the delicate and fine flavours are evident. It is a perfect wine to pair with Japanese cuisine or dishes with delicate flavours.

Light and bright colour, the Teppo Peixe shows citrus and white flowers notes in the aroma. Slightly saline in the mouth, it is very delicate, enveloping and with a high acidity which allows a refreshing and crystalline finish. The light carbon dioxide present, when accompanied by dishes of Asian influence, raises the wine and works almost as a final shot to clear the palate. Light, discreet and elegant, is a very easy drinking wine

Wanna Bi - It is a wine which offers a completely individual profile, distinctly different from the expressive and aromatic style which usually characterises this grape variety in the Minho region. As the name suggests, the “Wanabi” is a wine that wants to be a different kind of Alvarinho.

This Alvarinho is also a wine of great elegance, with beautiful aromas of citrus and flowers harmonising with hints of tea leaves and wet stone. The subtle presence of wood lends the wine further aromatic complexity. On the palate the wine offers some body as well as vivacity and balance, while its acidity and minerality provide contrast for the wine’s delicate residual sweetness. With a long, creamy and complex finish, the Wanabi 2017 can be enjoyed young, although it also promises ageing potential.

These wines are available for pruchase!!

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