Quinta do Pessegueiro

Quinta do Pessegueiro

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The Quinta do Pessegueiro vineyards were planted in the Douro region, where the best wines are produced in Portugal and where Port wine was born. It's land, which is composed of schist and slate burnt by a sun that can reach 38°C, gives the local cultivars their ever so distinctive characteristics.  The variations in altitude and orientation of the terraces (socalcos or patamares) shaped by gems of peasant engineering give the tannic or fruity tendencies of the nectar produced.


To produce wines of a unique character, we capitalise to the maximum on the magnificent land of the Upper Douro and maintain the plethora of cultivars, some of which are endemic to this valley.  To give their exceptional fruit, the vines must plunge their roots as deep as possible through the cracks of the schist and slate in search of the groundwater table, and find one of the most balanced water supplies. The varied nature of our lands, the climatic nuances, the diversity of attitudes and exposure of our plots contribute to the unrivalled complexity of our wines. Quinta do Pessegueiro comprises three plots: Pessegueiro, Teixeira, Afurada.


The wines produced at the Quinta do Pessegueiro are bound to appeal thanks to their superior quality first and foremost, but also because they are the result of a complete and balanced project aimed at showcasing the originality and properties of each small region, in the most honest and most respectful way possible.

The wine we present is Aluzé Pessegueiro. 

White - This wine has citrus, orange blossom and honeysuckle aromas. The palate is very fresh with a firm acidit.

Red - The bouquet is fine and fresh, reminiscent of forest fruits.  There are also some floral and spice notes, such as pepper and carnation.  A very fresh and direct taste in the palate, opening with volume and ending with finesses and precision.

Rosé - Very fresh aroma, floral and with notes of marmalade. In the mouth show excellent acidity, hints of orange peel and apricot jam.

Have not you tried these wonderful wines from the Douro region? The time is now! WHP.

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