Quinta do Pôpa

Quinta do Pôpa

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Have you tried the Quinta do Pôpa wines?

If not, you have now a great opportunity to prove them, if yes, you will surely want to repeat the experience.

During this month of February we have several promotions on the wines of this Quinta for you.

For purchases over € 300, we offer you a voucher to visit this wonderful Quinta do Pôpa.

Don't miss a deal!

Quinta do Pôpa is set within a family background, aiming to extend the brand through its history, the high-quality of its products, the slight taste of schist from where the grapes originated from, the sun from where the grapes have matured as well as the people who collected them.

When creating and producing the Quinta do Pôpa wines they use methods, which have brought together the most sophisticated techniques along with centuries of laborious tradition – 70% of the showcased wines are produced using traditional foot treading (pisa a pé). They explore to the maximum the potentialities of the grape varieties, keeping to the historic timeline of the Douro grape varieties. Some of these varieties come from vines which are over 80 years old, all being A classified and growing over the mirrored waters of the Douro River.

The name and history of this Quinta symbolize the realization of a dream that has passed from generation to generation, honoring Francisco Ferreira, better known as Pôpa: his son acquired part of the estate in 2003, but today they are the grandchildren of Pôpa - Stéphane and Vanessa Ferreira - who are in command of Quinta, with the aim of producing superior wines.

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