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  • Aphros Wines

    Aphros Wines is a Vasco Croft's Project.

    Quinta do Casal do Paço, in Vasco Croft’s family since early 17th century, spreads over nearly 20 hectares of land and forests, four of which are vines and another four of chestnuts orchards. At its centre stands a granite 16th century 2-storey manor house complete with chapel. The wine cellar on the first floor dates back to the origin of the house.

  • Costa Boal Family Estates

    Costa Boal Family Estates is a portuguese wine producer from Trás-os-Montes region

  • 100 Hectares

    100 Hectares is a recent brand that came on the market in 2009, achieving in the first year of production the "daring" to make a white reserve, an extraordinary red and a large reserve whose production was sold exclusively to a restaurant in Vila Real. It is a project made with passion for people passionate about Douro and for excellence.

  • 1000 Curvas

    The 1000Curvas wine was conceived by Armando Soares, in partnership with his son Rodrigo Soares and oenologist Pedro Mota.

    The idea for the project arose during the revitalization of Quinta da Castanheira. The property, located in the municipality of Baião, North of Portugal, belongs to Armando's family since 1958. It was, however, a little forgotten, stopped in time, and needed a touch of affection and care to come back to life.

    In May 2016, Armando's dream finally takes shape: 1000Curvas 2014 and 1000Curvas 2015 wines are bottled and come on the market in January 2017.

  • 1912 Winemakers

    The brothers Antonio and Edmar Monteiro are the founders of the 1912 Winemakers company.
    The passion for the world of wine comes early in the life of these two brothers, who from their father's childhood on the Quinta de São Bernardo property on the banks of the Douro River.
    Later they acquired Quinta de Águas, which allowed them to increase production but maintaining the same quality as the wines produced

  • 5 Bagos - Sociedade Agrícola

    In 2008, winemaker Carlos Magalhães challenged his friends João Nuno Magalhães, Manuel Castro and Lemos, Albano Magalhães and Bernardo Lobo Xavier, who later joined João Anacoreta Correia, to acquire Quinta da Saudade.

  • A D Wines

    A  D Wines is composed of 2 farms. The House of the Arrabalde and the Farm of the Thorns.

  • ACR - Adega Cooperativa do Redondo

    Founded in 1956 by a group of 14 wine growers.

  • Adega Cooperativa de Barcelos, CRL

    Founded in 1962, the Adega Cooperativa de Barcelos initially added 51 wine growers, with the main objective of encouraging the production and sale of Vinhos Verdes in the counties of Barcelos and neighbors, integrated in the Cávado sub-region.

  • Adega Cooperativa de Borba

    Founded in 1955, Adega de Borba was the first in a series of wineries set up in the Alentejo.

  • Adega Cooperativa de Cantanhede

    With around 700 active winegrowers and an average annual production of 6 to 7 million kilos of grapes, this winery is the main producer in the Demarcated Region of Bairrada, representing 30 to 40% of the region's total production and certifies around 80% of its production, being a leader in the sales of wines DOC Bairrada and IG Beira Atlântico.

  • Adega Cooperativa de Mesão Frio

    Founded in 1950, the Cooperativa de Mesão Frio Winery is the oldest and one of Douro's most important cooperative wineries, producing not only the Port Wines that have brought so much fame to the Durian Region, but also white wines, reds and roses.

  • Adega Cooperativa de Pinhel, CRL

    The Pinhel Winery has been in existence for more than 50 years, concretely in 1951.

  • Adega Cooperativa de São Mamede da Ventosa

    Founded in 1956, it is located in a wine region of excellence, with unique terroirs near the Atlantic Ocean and 50 Kms from Lisbon, was born with the aim of promoting wine and local development. The constant growth over the years has made this project one of the largest cooperative wineries in the country and one of the largest exporters in Portugal, with an installed capacity of over 45Mlts and over 1850ha of vineyards.

  • Adega Cooperativa do Rabaçal

    It is in the parish of Rebordelo, district of Bragança.

Showing 1 - 15 of 461 items