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Niepoort has been a family business since 1842.

Independent family business for over a century and a half; five generations have succeeded Niepoort since Franciscus Marius Niepoort founded the company in 1842. Almost always, two generations worked side by side for many years, contributing to a successful transition. At this moment, you gaze eagerly on the future sixth generation, anticipating close collaboration.

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  • 121,00 €

    AdF red wine presents ample and very fruity and has a strong mineral character. It has a structure which is supported by well integrated tannins. Very lively, AdF 2007 stands out in tasting more for its freshness than for its concentration. The finish is long, seductive and persistent

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  • 84,70 €

    AdF white presents itself crystalline in a bright yellow colour. Very elegant this wine contains a complexity of scents, prevailing on the palate samples of white fruit and citrus flavours together with greatness mineral character

    84,70 €
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  • 90,00 €

    Batuta 2011 presents a young and vivid colour, has a distinctive nose which is both powerful and complex. A full-bodied wine, with a great concentration of black fruits and fine and delicate tannins. It is dense with a notable structure, it boasts a harmony which does not fail to impress during wine tasting

    90,00 €
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  • 54,00 €

    Batuta red wine by Niepoort is a perfect blend: powerful, elegant, with a superb harmony and a great ageing potential

    54,00 €
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  • 53,25 €

    Batuta 2015 presents complex, with plenty of vigour and tension on the palate, the wine boasts subtlety and a beautiful balance between concentration and acidity. A silky texture and firm structure match the wine’s polished tannins and elegant flavour profile

    53,25 €
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  • 15,15 €

    Bioma 2015 red wine by Niepoort is perfect with roast beef (with Yorkshire pudding), Tradicional Portuguese duck rice, tradicional codfish dishes, Magré de canard. Cheese suggestions: Camembert, Sainte Albré, Brie

    15,15 €
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  • 52,00 €

    Charme 2015 is a Niepoort Wine.It presents a light red in colour, with clean fruit aromas of cherries and raspberries accompanied by a subtle rustic character in the background. On the palate the fruit is the dominant note with great freshness, balance and structure. Its firm underlying structure suggests that this wine will also age well

    52,00 €
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  • 63,60 €

    Coche presents a fine and delicate character, the palate has a lot of presence, offering flavours of white fruit and spices. It offers plenty of body without seeming heavy, and shows superb concentration, with judicious use of oak

    63,60 €
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  • 25,00 €

    Conciso is the Niepoort interpretation of a fine and elegant DÃO, a wine that shows the full potential and character of a very old vineyard

    25,00 €
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  • 21,90 €

    The Conciso White presents a beautiful lemon-yellow colour. Delicate and engaging aroma with a lovely harmony between white fruits, aromatic herbs and an overall mineral character. Pleasantly full and slightly unctuous body is beautifully counterbalanced by the wine’s mineral character, fresh fruit and acidity

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  • 6,30 €

    Diálogo is a pleasant, easy drinking red wine, but with complexity, mineral notes and great depth, found in the classic Douro wines. With its great balance and elegance, Diálogo red represents exactly the uncomplicated style which we strive to achieve

    6,30 €
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  • 6,60 €

    Diálogo white wine from Niepoort offers youth, vivacity and great drinkability, making it a perfect white wine for various occasions

    6,60 €
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  • 41,45 €

    Inspired by an old idea of his father Rolf Niepoort, Dirk joined Alvaro de Castro to blend the perfect wine. The blend of the different characteristics created an impressive wine with the freshness and elegance of Dao and the concentration and fine tannins of Douro.

    41,45 €
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  • 26,95 €

    Vitor Claro is the producer of the Domino. This Alentejo wine is the result of a partnership between Vitor Claro and Dirk Niepoort

    26,95 €
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  • 26,30 €

    Gonçalves Faria red produced at Quinta de Baixo 

    26,30 €
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